Comprehensive software library

Comprehensive software library
Comprehensive software library
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Software libraries

Software Development:
We need to optimize and expand the possibilities of this project as a library consultant sense. Thus the invitation of His Excellency Mr. Pourmand (retired head of library and current library Fatima Zahra mosque) of their valuable experience and guidance was used to gather information, libraries and mosques in the project with a lot of changes, a comprehensive software library became.
be completely resolved.
Redundancy in the final application interface and more than 1,000 copies of proliferation Vhmzman Aslamybh revolution anniversary in broadcasting and the country's provincial centers were organized propaganda.
This software is now also being developed to further enhance the information needs of libraries and banks, are searchable via the Web to the public.
We decided with regard to the gravity and complexity of similar software on the market, more affordable version of the software provided to libraries, cultural centers, mosques and put
Current software has the following features:
- All relevant information to the books and members:
• Search based on a specific field.
• Advanced (combination of several fields).
• Search in a specific range (registration number to search the registration number).
• Free search (Search in all fields without restrictions).
- Books with records of the 29 parameters of each book.
- Registered Members Library with his image.
- Safe-deposit system with delayed registration.
- View statistics and information:
• All functions subject of books, books in circulation statistics, statistics books tardy
- Print information:
• Print a list of books inside the tank, the list of members and a special card Brg·hdan
- Possible changes in Shopping:
• Font and color control
- Allows connection to a database for multiple systems working in a software system.
- National Library of books about the possibility Azafhsazy data CD or ISO.
- Possibility to automatically add data from the National Bank Ktashnasy 86 years in the program.
- Updated database
• (add members to the books and records in the database server.)
- To introduce the program to system users and determine their access levels.

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